Sunday, April 23, 2017

2 week update

I meant to post last week, but didn't have time. So here are some updates from the past 2 weeks.
Emma had a choir concert with elementary, middle, and high schools.
Emma with her friends

We also celebrated Easter. We had an Easter egg hunt and also dyed eggs. Emma was the only one who would let me take a picture of her.

Josh had a band concert with the 7th grade and 8th grade.
Here's a picture of him sitting with his band

David had a cello concert, where he played two songs, both duets with his cello teacher. One of them his cello teacher wrote.

Emma was invited in a special ensemble that included strong woodwinds. They played their pieces "America the Beautiful" and "Theme From 1812 Overture" and a school board meeting!
Here is the video:

Emma's artwork was chosen for our district art show. Her art won 2nd prize and get gets a $60 award!
That's it for this week!

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Spring Break (yay!)

The last week of March was Spring Break for us. We headed down to Utah to see Rachel (who is currently going to Brigham Young University) and Amanda's parents. We also were able to see Aaron's parents as well. We had an open house for Rachel and Aaron's parents, who are both going on a mission.  In one of the earlier posts, I said that Rachel was going to Vancouver, Canada. Aaron's parents are going to Vladivostok, Russia. Several family members were there, we had fun!

Amanda made a flyer to hand out

Kids with Canadian flags

Then later that day we went down to a chocolate shop called Taste with Aaron's parents.

Emma, Rachel, and Aaron's parents

Josh looking out of a window

Some of us got hot chocolate and some of us got what is called an "iced chocolate". It is a mix between a chocolate frosty and smoothie. The chocolate was a little too dark for some of the kids, but we had fun!

Before the open house, Rachel went for her first session at the temple. It was lots of fun for her and a great experience!

Rachel at the temple

While we were there, we re-created the Tree of Life photo we took so many years ago.

First picture

Re-created picture

That time everyone was smiling and looking at the camera! :)

Here's Emma holding her newest cousin, George

We then headed on down to Amanda's parents house. Aaron and the boys stayed with his parents and  then left the next day. Amanda and Emma stayed for the rest of spring break. Emma got to play with Clara for the week, and we watched General Conference there.

We had a great spring break, but we are glad to be back and into school!


About a month ago Emma went to the Eye doctor and found out she needed glasses! She really wanted them and was excited to get them. She picked out nice purple ones and was very excited the day them came!

Solo and Ensemble

Both Emma and Josh participated in a festival called Solo and Ensemble. Emma preformed an Ensemble and Josh preformed an Ensemble and a Solo. They both did really well, getting 1's on all of them! A 1 is the best that you can get, lower is better.

Emma with her ensemble
Josh with his some of his ensemble

Josh's performance (his ensemble preformed "The Entertainer") 
Josh's solo (his solo was called "Andante and Allegro") 
Emma's performance (her ensemble preformed "March from 'Peasant Cantata'") 

They all had a great time and were excited to see their scores afterward! They got to play with friends from school, and that made it even better! 

Mission Call

A little while ago Rachel got her Mission call! Here is when she got it in the mail, she was very excited to open it!

She got called to the Vancouver, Canada mission and is excited to leave for the Provo MTC on July 5th, about a month after she turns 19! 

Sunday, October 09, 2011

First Snow of the Season

While I was away at Time Out for Women in Denver, the kids & Dad got to enjoy the first snowfall of the season! I think it snowed about 6 inches, but it didn't stick around for long.

Looks like Josh is getting ready to throw a snowball at someone.

Cute little snowman.

Emma got bundled up!

Gotta love that bright, beautiful, blue sky after it snows.

Feet in the snow.


I'm sure this is the first of many snowfalls to come!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Family Photos

We had our pictures taken again this year by the talented Rachael Sherwood. She did a great job last year, and we were excited to try out a new venue. We started out in a park in Manitou Springs.

Then took a few downtown, by the library and the shops.

And finished up at Garden of the Gods.

I love living around the beauty of Colorado.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Emma & Rachel both started some dance classes this fall. Rachel did dance when she was very little, then tried a variety of sports, before she decided to try dancing again. With us moving around a lot, we never really had a chance to find a good studio. Luckily, there is a great dance/gymnastics studio right here in Monument. Emma decided to give it a try as well.

Rachel takes Ballet and Modern. I think she likes the modern the best, but ballet is really good for improving your technique. She really enjoys what she is learning. I took this picture really quick one day with my cell phone, so excuse the poor quality.

Emma is taking a combo class - it's tap, ballet, and gymnastics. I'll let her decide which one she likes the best and focus on that next year. Again, another cell phone picture. I need to keep my camera handy!

Emma's class had a little "recital" for the parents. Emma's class won't be a part of the official recital in the Spring, because it is a special combo class.

Emma thinks she likes gymnastics the best, I guess we'll wait and see!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

After a fun and enjoyable summer, the kids were ready to get back to school. They were also glad they got to wait until the end of August to start, instead of the beginning like their old school.

Rachel had to get up bright and early to catch a 6:56 am bus. She started 8th grade at Lewis Palmer Middle School.

David, Josh, and Emma were also excited to begin their new school year at Lewis Palmer Elementary.

Emma is a big first grader now, ready to go to school all day long.

Josh is ready for 3rd grade.

Last year, they decided to move 6th grade into elementary instead of middle school. I was glad that we got one more year before moving to middle school. David doesn't seem to have a preference but he's just excited that he can learn the trumpet.

David insisted on riding the bus to school, but I drove the other kids and got a quick picture of Emma and Josh by the school sign.

Emma's waiting for her teacher to come out and get the class.

We tried a cute, fun hairstyle for the first day.

Here's Josh with his teacher, Mrs. Hilton. He was lucky to have her last year as well!

Emma also had the same teacher as last year, Mrs. Besler. She was excited to get her name tag and wait to line up.

Here is Emma with some of her cute friends, Morgan & Dryden.

Of course I had to embarrass David by taking a picture of him as he got off the bus.

Time to go in!

And here is the very important second day of school.